Reader Contributions


By Tammy Tran, Anaheim     12/7/2019

This question popped up again for the month of November so we would like to thank

  • Altar servers- May you acknowledge that it is an honor to serve Christ on His Heavenly banquets.
  • Altar Society- May God continue to bless your mobility so you can take care of His altar, and many other things (holy water, candles, dusting, taking care of plants and flowers…) in His churches
  • Bulletin setup, publications- May God bless you with a healthy body and mind, and give you more ideas and creativities for this weekly task.
  • Choir- May God bless your voices which are used to glorify Him, and to lead congregations in singing along with you in His praises.
  • Environmental service- May God gives you more time and talents to help make His house, our churches, lovely.
  • Eucharistic Ministers- May God bless you, as you know that the cup of Blood of Jesus is as precious as Sacred Host, or consecrated bread in the ciborium, when you help priests to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ.
  • Lectors- May your voice be heard by all.
  • Linens washer- May God bless you abundantly with this voluntary, “behind-the-scenes” task of washing and pressing hundreds of purificators, corporals, albs, and towels done weekly and as necessary.
  • Priests- Without you, we have no sacrament. May God bless you and guide you for living your priestly duties, not just as a job, but truly as a good Shepherd.
  • Sacristan- May God bless you for preparing His remembrance.
  • Usher and Greeter- May the Lord give you strong legs and bodies, happy lives, and help you not to fall into temptation of touching the money in the collection baskets.
  • YOU- church goer. God is a loving Father, always waiting for you to come to have a meal with him, to share your daily life, your burdens, and your happiness. Our Heavenly Father is always listening and will give when you ask. May you take time to know God, participate in Liturgy by singing, responding, spending time with him, and thanking Him.

I am grateful to “God’s messenger” for coming into my life at the right moment, leading me closer to God and giving me chances to serve Him. And finally, praise to our mighty God who created me in His image, and blesses me even when I don’t deserve it.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and remember to thank your parents for not aborting you but giving you a precious gift- LIFE.