The school tradition serves as a rite of passage for students

By Anelisa Silva, Intern, OC Catholic     3/22/2016

Last weekend, Rosary Academy hosted its 46th Red and Gold event. This school-wide production, created entirely by the student body, is a much –anticipated program for all students, staff and family.

Six weeks before the show, the students are divided into two teams at random (red or gold) and then placed into a specific category. It is crucial that each student play their part in order for the production to come together successfully. This treasured tradition is almost every student’s favorite part of attending Rosary. During the weeks leading up to the show, students are allowed to step out of their comfort zone and discover talents they never knew they had. This special time of year really brings out the sisterhood of an all-girls school and the camaraderie in working as a team.

The unconditional support from the faculty, staff, alumnae and parents is what really brings the ingenuity and humble beginnings to this anticipated event every year. The faculty and staff also enjoy being able to sit back and see both teams bring their shows together completely on their own.

Assistant Head of School, Dana Vasquez, was able to share a bit about her first Red and Gold experience. She attended the first Red and Gold meeting in December to see how the students and parents came together to prep for the kickoff festivities in January. She said, “Kickoff day was amazing! It was exciting to see all of the energy campus wide and Red and Gold posters that covered the school. I supervised our students building sets and props for the show and was impressed with their skill and creativity. The teamwork, formation, and community building of Red and Gold is something we should all be very proud of as Royals.”

This year, after 4 outstanding performances from both teams, the red team won the friendly competition. Red and Gold is a very unique tradition that carries a lot of history and Rosary Academy looks forward to seeing the 2017 production come to life.

Spanish teacher and alumna of Rosary, Megan Kappe, describes Red and Gold as Christmas time at Rosary. She has been a part of 16 Red and Gold productions and she describes the tradition as a chance for the students to step up and enhance their leadership skills as well as an opportunity for teachers to see gifts that they never knew their students had. She said, “I look forward to Red and Gold every year, it reminds me of four years as a student and I wish every girl could experience the fun, energy, hard work, creativity, friendship and spirit of Red and Gold.”

Both teams created outstanding shows this year. The Red team was the overall winner, however, the Gold team did receive accommodations for certain categories. Rosary Academy looks forward to next year’s show and encourages everyone, especially prospective Royals, to go watch the incredible show.