By Alison Michalak, OC Catholic Intern, Rosary Academy Class of 2016     1/28/2016

If you were to ask someone from Rosary Academy what their school is like, the first thing they would most likely talk about is Red and Gold. To outsiders, Red and Gold may seem like a pointless tradition that takes up too much time and too much money. However, Red and Gold is a fundamental step in the molding of the holistic women of Rosary. Red and Gold creates opportunities for Rosary students to step outside their comfort zones, to take up a leadership position, and make new friends.

Red and Gold is one of Rosary’s longest-held annual traditions; it is entirely student run and self-funded. The way Red and Gold works is that the entire school is randomly divided into two teams (Red or Gold), and then each team produces an original musical production. Each team has 50 captains in charge of the different categories that make up the Red and Gold show. Some of these categories include dance, drama, choral, props, publicity, and many more. Each team also has two producers and two script captains. Both teams are moderated by a neutral team called the White Team; this group of girls makes sure that everything in the two shows is running smoothly. Senior Katie MacPherson was chosen for white team this year and said, “There is so much work that goes into Red and gold that you don’t necessarily see as a student, or even a captain. I think part of the reason for this is that there are so many people involved who are working hard to make Red and Gold great for everyone.” Captains start Red and Gold in December, but the rest of the school finds out what team they’re on in January at Red and Gold Kick-off. Once everyone knows what team they are on and what category they are in, Red and Gold season officially begins. For a month the girls practice and build the show until they present their finished product in March.

Red and Gold means so much to Rosary Academy students. It is a time to let go of the things that hold you back and become someone you didn’t know you could be. Senior Haley Higa has never been a captain but she has participated in all four Red and Gold shows. When asked what Red and Gold means to her, she said, “Red and Gold means pounds of glitter everywhere, last-minute choreography changes, complete mayhem in the pit, laughing with girls you never knew where funny, reeking of hairspray, and having no voice at the end of it all because you cheered so loudly for your team.”

The excitement doesn’t end with the seniors, it trickles down to all the classes, even the freshmen who aren’t very sure of what’s going on yet. Red and Gold is so crazy that sometimes the freshmen become a little confused when they’re thrown into the middle of it all, but that doesn’t stop them from having a good time and learning what it’s all about.

Freshman Zoe Sanford said that, “Red and Gold is about bringing the whole Rosary community together as a whole and really showing what girls can do and how much fun we have.” Zoe is looking forward to her first Red and Gold and is excited to share this experience with her friends.

Rosary Academy offers so much to its students in hopes that they will leave the school with a sense of their true potential and their true self. Red and Gold is one of those odd traditions that doesn’t seem beneficial, but in actuality it is helping the girls in so many ways. Those who aren’t the ASB type can take up a leadership role as a captain, quiet girls find their voice on drama, and no matter who you are you make at least one new friend. The show has been running for 46 years now and there is no sign of its end in the future. Red and Gold is a timeless tradition and that is why it will never cease to exist.