Pontiff commends his work on behalf of hungry children

By Staff     11/28/2018

He feeds 4,000 youngsters nightly for more than a decade – some 2.8 million meals so far — and has received acclaim the world over for his charitable work.  But it is his most recent honor that tops all others.  While on a world tour to promote his book, “The Power of Pasta,” Sir Bruno Serato was granted an audience with Holy Father Pope Francis and received a Papal blessing. 

“I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to have a conversation with Pope Francis, a most loving, compassionate man who took such deep interest in my work,” said Serato.  “I handed him a copy of my book and while he perused the pages, he peppered me with questions about how I started the nonprofit named after my mother, Caterina’s Club.  I was able to inform him that we have since branched out to helping “motel families” escape their dilapidated living conditions into safer, more permanent housing and our Hospitality Academy that introduces at-risk youth to careers in the hotel and restaurant industries.”