By MIKE ZINN     11/9/2022

For even the most accomplished writers, penning a poem can be a daunting challenge. Not so much for goal-oriented Diego Gonzalez. The St. Pius V eighth grade student has 78 completed poems to his credit. His goal is to reach 100 completed poems by the end of this school year. Writing is his favorite subject after all, following closely by reading.
Gonzalez’s poetry is often inspired by icons in history.

“My favorite historical role model is Socrates,” he said. “I especially like his quote, ‘the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.’”

Heady statements like these are not unusual for Gonzalez. He is a deep thinker with a multi-faceted personality — highly thought of by his St. Pius community.

“He is well liked by everyone,” said school principal Andrea Watanade. “The younger children especially love him for his kindness and animated personality.”

Eighth-grade teacher Catherine Nguyen agreed with this assessment.

“He makes little kids smile with his funny and quirky personality,” she said.

Gonzalez has been a long time St. Pius V Patriot. He started in kindergarten and has experienced many of the great offerings this school has to offer. He is an officer in the student council serving as co-director of student activities. Gonzalez shared that he and his co-chair try to get the various committee members to work together as a team.

Gonzalez is also a member of the Debate Team. He is a natural for this activity, with his enthusiastic personality and strong speaking voice. While many students shy away from public speaking, Gonzalez is the first to volunteer for start of day school morning assembly announcements. With this skill and his goal to promote teamwork, it is easy to imagine Gonzalez leading students, organizations and businesses, as he moves into high school, college and adult life. His faith is also the motivation behind another school activity, which is volunteering as an altar server at school Masses.

Outside of school, Gonzalez has a varied group of activities which include participating in Taekwondo and taking voice lessons.

He hopes to attend the Orange County School of Arts for his high school years. If accepted, he would be joining his sister Bella.

Gonzalez is a strong planner and very goal oriented. He is already thinking of his college choice and would like to attend UCLA. Currently he is interested in psychology.

His contributions to St. Pius V have been many and he will surely be missed when he leaves for high school.

Asked what he will miss most about his school, his answers were quick and decisive. Gonzalez stated, “I will miss the small community-oriented atmosphere at St. Pius V,” he said. “Mostly, I will miss my friends, who keep me in check and on the right path.”

The St. Pius V community sees him as someone who makes the younger students laugh, is a friend to everyone and takes the initiative in everything he does. Simply put, he is a true student leader