Popular talk radio show now has national audience

By STAFF     12/23/2015

OC Catholic Radio and the “Call Me Catholic” show, hosted by Peggy Normandin, will soon be delivered to an audience beyond its current Southern California footprint. Beginning Jan. 2, the broadcast will air on EWTN Radio and SiriusXM. The show will air Saturdays at 1 p.m. Eastern, noon Central and 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

The live, one-hour broadcast will be produced from the studios of Orange County Catholic Radio located in the Tower of Hope on the Christ Cathedral Campus.

“Call Me Catholic,” hosted by Peggy Normandin, is a light and lively conversation about the perils and blessings of embracing a Catholic identity in our modern world. The show celebrates, explores and restores our Catholic identity as we navigate the daily struggles and blessings of life.

The show’s format includes conversations with high-profile Catholic guests, commentary on faith in the news and arts, live callers, a fun and engaging Catholic culture game show (Call Me Catholic Challenge) and heartfelt stories about growing up Catholic.

“It’s such an honor to be co-producing this show with the network that Mother Angelica founded in 1981,” Normandin said. “EWTN, with its hundreds of affiliate stations as well as its presence on Sirius XM satellite radio, will vastly expand the ‘Call Me Catholic’ audience well beyond its Southern California origins. I love the thought of talking to Catholics from all over the country; we have so much to share.

“’Call Me Catholic’ will continue its theme of friendly and faith-based conversation,” Normandin continued, “but, now that the show will be live, we’ll be adding special components to bring the audience into the dialogue. Listeners can call in with questions for our guests. And because I’m a game show fanatic, I’ll be inviting our listeners to participate in a new on air quiz show with questions on our Catholic culture each week. I expect the live component to bring a fun new energy to the program. I know it will keep me on my toes.”