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Episode 37 May 19, 2018 César Sanchez, Tenor, Opera Star, Educator, and Chef!!!

Explore the career of this wonderful young singer from his early days in Tijuana to the opera stages of the world. From his very humble beginnings in his parish choir, continued education in high school at the school for liturgical music, to his time at the famous Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, this singer has given everything to his art. He went from being inspired by a recording of Placido Domingo, which he played over and over as a child, to actually being able to work with him as a professional; he fulfilled one of his life’s dream! From winning the Darclee International Vocal Competition in Romania to coaching at the Academy for Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, César has proven his voice is something special indeed. Deeply rooted in his Catholic faith, he believes that is voice and his many spectacular opportunities have been indeed a gift from God.   Whether singing in Mexico City for a crowd of over 14,000 or more recently in lead roles for the Tampa Opera, César’s voice continues to amaze all who hear it. We have been privileged to have had Cesar perform three times for Christ Cathedral Concerts, with more performances coming as we prepare for the festivities of the dedication of Christ Cathedral. In addition to his busy concert schedule, César’s other passion, from his parents and grandparents, is cooking!!

MUSIC: La Donna e mobile   Rigoletto   Giuseppe Verdi César Sanchez, tenor

MUSIC: Granada   Agustin Lara   César Sanchez, tenor

MUSIC: Recondita Armonia Tosca   Giacomo Puccini   César Sanchez, tenor

MUSIC: Nessum Dorma Turandot   Giacomo Puccini   César Sanchez, tenor