Rosary Academy Water Polo coach says Vargas is a great leader

By Jenelyn Russo     2/26/2018

Georgia Vargas comes from a long line of family members who have played water polo. Her mother, aunt and two older siblings before her inspired Vargas to try the sport for herself.  

“Water polo has always been in the family,” says Vargas. “After spending years just watching them, I wanted to try it. And I ended up loving it.” 



The four-year varsity player and captain at Rosary Academy plays center for the Royals, a position she enjoys for the challenge. 

“This is probably the most physical position in the pool,” says Vargas. “What I enjoy about it is just challenging myself with the competitive aspect and the flexibility of the position, because there are many ways that you can score from [center].” 

The role of captain provides Vargas plenty of opportunities to steer her team in the right direction, both in and out of the pool. It’s a role she takes seriously, sharing her skills and knowledge with the team’s younger players. 

“Georgia has spent four years working hard and is now one of the best leaders I’ve had,” says Rosary head water polo coach, Rory Bevins. “She motivates every player on the team and serves as an example of hard work and dedication. She excels in the classroom, volunteers in her community and serves as a leader on her team. She is a true representation of the well-rounded young woman that Rosary produces.” 

The sisterhood and the closeness of the Royals are primary reasons behind Vargas’ continued commitment to the sport. 

“One of the biggest things I love about water polo is the team camaraderie,” says the senior. “I’m fortunate enough to have a team that plays well together and is close. We’re constantly motivating and inspiring each other.” 

In her community, Vargas has logged more than 200 hours at Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center, where the 18-year-old has served as a junior volunteer, aiding doctors and nurses in patient care. The experience has left a lasting impression on the Whittier resident. 

“This was a great experience in opening my eyes to what it means to serve,” says Vargas. “I’ve learned that serving is self-sacrifice, humility and love of neighbor.” 

Vargas hopes to continue playing water polo at the collegiate level alongside studying psychology. Regardless of her path, she leans on her faith. 

“Faith, I always count on it every day of my life, especially in the water,” says Vargas. “Whether win or lose, we know that we worked hard and played with our hearts in the eyes of God.” 

Inspired by many, Vargas has a special connection with her older brother, Austin. A former captain of the water polo team at Servite High School, the two have a unique bond, and Vargas remains motivated by her big brother through a motto they share, “Never give up, never give in, but always give it our all.”