By Staff     9/24/2018

St. Pius V offers Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten education to children ages 4 to 6 years old, where they play, socialize, make their own choices, and develop critical and creative thinking skills through hands-on activities. To address the young children’s developmental needs and interests, the school incorporates an art program, math manipulatives, reading corners, building blocks, iPads and participation in an annual Christmas play.  

The well-rounded foundation is based on high educational standards and performance in reading, writing and arithmetic, while equipping students to be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers and collaborators. 


Departmentalized Junior High 

St. Pius V students are well prepared for high school. The junior high program is departmentalized and classes are taught by teachers who specialize in their subject.  

Additionally, junior high students enjoy a robust electives program in which they can elect to take such courses as drama, electronics, coding, claymation, or art. Each year, junior high students participate in our annual F.E.A.S.T (Festival of Engineering, Art, Science, and Technology.) Students select their own project, based on their personal interests, and show them at the Festival in May. Integral to the F.E.A.S.T project in the description of how the project reflects the student’s spirituality. 


Faculty and Staff 

St. Pius V faculty and staff maintain their excellence as life-long learners and fulfill their vocations as educators. The school is committed to each student’s success and encouraging their love of learning while developing a lifelong service to God and others. Their pillar of study promotes differentiated learning that supports students with learning differences and gifted students. The school’s rigorous curriculum advanced one St. Pius V graduate to study trigonometry during his first year of high school! 

To foster the social-emotional health and needs of its students, St. Pius V has partnered with Outreach Concern, a school-based counseling agency that works with students on a confidential one-on-one basis to help them overcome obstacles that impact classroom performance.  



St. Pius V Catholic School creates a safe and supportive learning environment where the individuality of students shines. Administrators, faculty, students and parents play a role in creating a safe and respectful setting. The campus is entirely gated, monitored through security cameras, and all volunteers must be fingerprinted and complete the Diocesan online Safe Environment Training. The safety instruction must be renewed every three years. 



As a community embracing collaboration and cooperation, St. Pius V encourages teacher/parent communication. The school provides an enhanced app for parents and guardians to contact educators with any questions or concerns and to gain easy access to their child’s most important student data, such as finding information like grades, assignments and attendance. 


New Music Program 

Studies show that students who play a musical instrument do better academically, athletically, socially and personally. Learning to play an instrument requires listening and working with others. School choir is available for students in second grade and beyond. Music program is offered on Friday after school so that it will not conflict with other athletics program. Students participating in the Music program will play woodwind and brass band instruments including the flute, clarinet, sax, trombone, trumpet and percussion. 


St. Pius V Catholic School is a fully accredited TK-8th Grade Catholic School serving Buena Park and its surrounding communities. To learn more about the school, schedule a tour with Dr. Joan Bravo at 714-522-5313.