Servite Lacrosse team standout says he likes the Friar’s brotherhood

By Jenelyn Russo     9/12/2017

By way of an invite from a friend, Trent Shimizu ventured out onto a lacrosse field in the eighth grade and never looked back.

“When I started playing, I knew I loved the game,” says Shimizu.

The Servite High School junior has made significant strides in a short amount of time, utilizing his raw talent to become a force for the Friars. The non-stop action the game provides is at the heart of why Shimizu loves to play.

“It’s a physical sport,” says Shimizu. “There’s constantly something to be doing.”

While the 16-year-old also competes for a club team, the unique aspect of representing his high school has brought Shimizu a new appreciation for the terms “teamwork” and “brotherhood.”

“You can’t play lacrosse without your teammates,” says Shimizu. “That’s a life lesson that I can use on and off the field as a player. As a Friar, I like the brotherhood that we have. Everyone on the team has a bond.”

As a midfielder who is running for a large number of minutes each game, Shimizu cites stamina as one of his biggest challenges. But Servite’s head lacrosse coach, Tom O’Leary, also saw in Shimizu a young player with natural skill who lacked discipline and consistency. O’Leary and the coaching staff called upon Shimizu to focus on becoming a better teammate and competitor, and he has more than risen to the challenge.

“In only one year, Trent has matured both as a young man and player,” says O’Leary. “A rising player with a great deal of talent, he has attended some of the most prestigious college showcases in the country. Players like Trent are the future of Servite Lacrosse. What he has accomplished in a year’s time, some don’t accomplish until being considered an upperclassmen.

“I know he will continue to strive for greatness both on and off the field,” continues O’Leary. “It is our goal at Servite to help mold him into a well-rounded, faith-filled leader. The process is well under way, and we are proud to know he will be the future of our program and represent our name with pride.”

Outside of sports, Shimizu serves locally through Lion’s Heart, a non-profit organization that connects teens with service opportunities in their community.

The Huntington Beach resident has his sights set on continuing to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, and is looking to study business. As a Christian, Shimizu’s faith plays a key role in how he views sportsmanship, and he has learned plenty about hard work and determination from his main inspiration, his father.

“My dad is definitely a role model for me,” says Shimizu. “Even though times can be hard, you can fight through and be successful.”