Santa Margarita Baseball's left-handed pitcher headed to Cornell University.

By Jenelyn Russo     5/6/2019

When Spencer Edwards and his two brothers were young, they were encouraged by their parents to try several different sports. As it turned out, the three brothers all gravitated towards baseball, football and soccer. Once Edwards got to high school, he decided on baseball as his sport of choice. 

“My parents wanted us to play sports to find what we’re passionate about,” says Edwards. “Leading up to freshman year, I dropped the other two just to focus in on baseball. That’s what I was the most passionate about.” 

Having played since he was four years old, Edwards is now a senior at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and a left-handed pitcher for the Eagles, a position he enjoys for the intensity and competition. 

“I love pitching the most because I love toeing the rubber,” says the three-year varsity player. “It’s just a constant battle with you and the batter. That’s what keeps me going.” 

Balancing sports and a full IB and AP academic load is a continual challenge for the 18-year-old. But Edwards takes his role as a senior leader seriously, using his experience to help guide his younger teammates. 

“Spencer is a phenomenal student athlete,” says Santa Margarita baseball head coach, Chris Malec. “He has blossomed into a tremendous pitcher for us this season as a starter. That is a credit to his hard work, discipline and sacrifice. He has brought a consistent positive attitude, selfless energy and tireless work ethic. He is one of the most respected members of the team because of the way he handles his day-to-day business.” 

In a sport where much of the focus is on failure, Edwards has learned a number of lessons from baseball that have only fueled his desire to play the game. 

“When you’re passionate about something, you won’t stop until you succeed,” says Edwards. “All that hard work gives you more passion for the game. I enjoy being able to work on it daily, and I love it every step of the way.” 

Away from the diamond, Edwards is a Peer Minister on campus, helping to plan and lead mass, and a confirmation leader at his church. The next step in his baseball journey will take the Rancho Santa Margarita resident to Cornell University, “a dream come true, both academically and athletically,” where he plans to study economics. 

He credits his parents for modeling compassion and hard work and his faith for guiding him to his high school home. 

“That’s really the reason why my parents and I decided on [Santa Margarita], because it would have the faith integrated into the daily aspects of life,” says Edwards. “The teachers remind us to thank God in the good moments and also to turn towards him in the bad moments. As a team, we’re out there every day, and having God there to unite us even more is special.”