The two-time Trinity League champion, will continue her golf career at Oregon State

By Jenelyn Russo     8/21/2018

Growing up on a golf course, Chayse Gomez watched her father and grandfather take in many rounds on the links. After her grandfather bought Gomez her first set of clubs, she was hooked. 

“I kept on watching them, and I wanted to try it,” says Gomez. “Ever since then, I‘ve been playing, and it’s been awesome.” 



The Rosary Academy senior is the two-time defending Trinity League champion, and being responsible for her own success or failure out on the course is a challenge Gomez will take. 

“I really love how it’s a very individual sport,” says Gomez. “You can’t depend on everyone else. You have to depend on yourself. There’s no one else to blame. It’s really such a great game to play.” 

But despite the individual effort required, the four-year varsity golfer admits she would be nothing without her teammates. 

“I really love playing for Rosary,” says Gomez. “They are all behind me in every decision, every shot. I love my team so much. I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else.” 

With the goal of winning her third consecutive league championship, Rosary head golf coach, Steve Hiskey, is also looking for Gomez to lead the younger golfers on their roster. 

“Chayse has been an elite golfer since she stepped on campus,” says Hiskey. “She achieves because she is a great competitor, as well as a player with the strongest of work ethics. The other players in our program learn a great deal from how she goes about it, as she has always been a team first person.” 

Gomez acknowledges that golfing is a humbling sport, and the 17-year-old is working on her focus and determination. 

“I want to persevere through all the hardships of the game,” says Gomez. “You can’t play well one day and expect to play well the next day. Golf is a game of possibilities. You don’t know how you’re going to do tomorrow. You have to take it one day at a time, one shot at a time.” 

The Yorba Linda resident is currently committed to continuing her education and golf career at Oregon State University, where she will study either education, history or criminal justice. Whether in California or in the Pacific Northwest, Gomez knows that God is always with her. 

“I always look to God when it’s getting tough on the course,” says Gomez. “He’s always there…to help me push myself to play well. It’s amazing how I can turn to someone, and he’ll always be there.” 

Her biggest inspiration is her parents, and Gomez recognizes the sacrifices they’ve made for her to be able to follow her golfing dreams. 

“They gave up so much to let me play this sport, and they’re always so supportive and so positive in everything I do,” says Gomez. “And it’s just beautiful how they can always see the good out of the bad.”