JSerra Golf looks for more from sophomore standout Schrodt

By Jenelyn Russo     7/5/2017

With the purchase of a toddler-size golf club and a father/son outing to the local nine-hole course, Christian Schrodt was well on his way to finding his sport.

“I started playing golf at the age of four,” says Schrodt. “I just went out on the range and started playing, and I fell in love with the game. I played tee-ball and soccer, but nothing captured my soul like it did golf.”



The JSerra Catholic High School junior has grown to love golf not only for the skill required and the setting in which he plays, but for the respect the game invokes.

“The beauty of the game and learning respect for other players, the environment of playing on the golf course and spending time with friends really enraptured me and captivated me from the start,” says the 16-year-old.

Having the best average on the team as a sophomore, Schrodt has plenty to contribute as he looks to lead his team in the second half of his high school career.

“Christian is extremely self-driven with his desire to be the best he can be in every aspect of his life,” says JSerra boys golf varsity head coach, Brian Schippel. “In his golf game, his attention to detail for every shot he hits is what makes him practice and work harder every day. His ambition for the goals that he has is beyond admirable, and his focus towards those goals is what will allow him to get there. His desire and drive to be the best is an inspiration to the other players in our program.”

With future goals that include playing Division I college golf, as well as joining the PGA Tour, Schrodt is already taking in the lessons that he’s learned on the links.

“Playing golf has taught me to respect other players, to admire the beauty of the game, and really, to be honorable and honest with yourself,” says Schrodt. “Golf is a game of integrity. You have to be able to trust the other players and trust yourself that you’ll make the right decisions. It’s really taught me how to be a good person on and off the golf course.”

The Mission Viejo resident looks to both Coach Schippel and professional golfer, Jordan Spieth, as role models for his game, citing attitude and the way they carry themselves on the course as sources of inspiration. But above all, it’s his faith that keeps Schrodt grounded and motivated.

“I think faith really plays a big part in my game,” says Schrodt. “In playing, God’s always rooting for you. He never roots against you. He never tries to bring you down. I think every shot I hit, God’s with me in each one. Allowing him to be with me gives me an inner peace on the golf course that I can’t achieve anywhere else.”