Santa Margarita Football running back credits older brothers for his love of game

By Jenelyn Russo     11/20/2017

Having played football since he was eight years old, Chad Magyar credits his three older brothers with fostering his love for the sport. 

“They really toughened me up as a child,” says the youngest of five of his brothers. “Once I joined football, it was just natural for me to be very physical. It brought me into the sport, and I’ve loved it ever since.” 



The Santa Margarita Catholic High School senior is a standout running back for the Eagles, where he enjoys the responsibility put on him for moving the ball down the field.  

And it’s a task he’s doing well, as he leads his team in total yards this year. Through the 10-game regular season, Magyar is the Eagles’ leading rusher, with 175 carries for 1301 yards, including 17 rushing touchdowns. He’s also the team’s leader in receiving yards with 38 catches and four receiving touchdowns for 530 yards. With these statistics, the senior captain is likely a candidate for this year’s Trinity League MVP. 

“Chad is not only one of the hardest working kids I know, but he sharpens those around him,” says Santa Margarita varsity football head coach, Rich Fisher. “He’s positive, encouraging and displays the core values in our program, which are to love, serve, and care. He embodies what we want our program to stand for—being accountable, tough, competitive, a great teammate and a hard worker.” 

The friendships he’s made playing this sport over the last 10 years are what have made Magyar’s football career so special. 

“The people I’ve grown up with who have played with me this entire time…It’s brought us all together, and it’s a great bond,” says Magyar. “I’m going to miss all the people I’ve been with throughout this journey.” 

Magyar doesn’t limit his time to the gridiron, as the 18-year-old also plays basketball and runs track for the Eagles, participating in the 100 meter and 200 meter races, as well as the 4×100 meter relay. He credits being a multi-sport athlete for his speed, endurance and versatility, but he acknowledges that football is where he’s gained his preparation for life.  

“Football has really taught me to be prepared,” says Magyar. “Whether it’s a test for school or a job interview, you need to know what you need to do…and you’ll be successful.” 

The Rancho Santa Margarita resident will be heading to University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he’s currently committed to play football for the Rebels. In football and in life, it’s his father, who has battled life-long health issues, who has been Magyar’s strongest role model. 

“Throughout his life, he’s just had a lot of obstacles that he’s had to over come,” says Magyar. “Through it all, he’s always had a smile on his face and a great attitude. Just watching him get through the hard times and be a great parent, it really helps me.”