Live local radio and podcast is popular among millennials

By Hank Evers     9/5/2019

Trending with Timmerie is one of eight radio programs and podcasts produced in the Orange County Catholic radio studio on the Christ Cathedral campus. The program, hosted by Timmerie Geagea, is most popular among millennials. Timmerie and her guests focus on a variety of topics, and high on the list is how to live their faith while navigating a secular and sexually confusing culture.  

The show continues to grow its national distribution. This year Trending was picked up by three new radio stations, not including the ongoing growth of Relevant Radio’s station list. Relevant Radio is acquiring an average of one new station per month. This has expanded Trending’s reach to over 200 national stations each week. Relevant Radio recently expanded the program’s exposure and has produced a new landing page with high-profile visibility from their homepage, RelevantRadio.com Trending with Timmerie’s podcast is averaging 1,000 downloads per day with the 20-45 demographic as their largest listener base. The program also has a large listener base in Canada and Australia.     

An example of Timmerie’s growing popularity was evident in the episode of Middle Ground where she discussed abortion with three pro-abortion advocates. That episode has gone viral on YouTube with more than 500,000 views and nearly 10,000 comments.     

On a recent Trending program Timmerie interviewed Pam Stenzel, founder of Enlighten Communications. Their discussion focused on how Pam works with hundreds of thousands of young people each year to tackle with candor the tough issue of sex, and how to make the healthiest choice and save sex for marriage. Pam’s own story is fascinating. She is the child of a 15-year-old foster child…and rape victim. Pam never met her birth mother. If the rape of her mother had happened today, it is almost certain that Pam would have been killed in the womb. Instead, she is living testimony of how, with the grace of God, she was nurtured to become an inspiration to millions of young people, helping them face the challenges of today’s sexual revolution.  

Visit OCCatholic.com and click on Radio for program information, and links to the podcasts. Trending with Timmerie’s site is www.radiotrending.com