By Staff     11/5/2020

Set for release on Nov. 19, Fr. Quan Tran’s new book titled “The Imitation of Mary: Keys to Growth in Virtue and Grace” is intended to inspire readers to “imitate the 12 essential qualities of Mary in order to unleash a torrent of graces in their life.,” according to Fr. Tran.  

OC Catholic asked Fr. Tran more about the book and what readers will find within its pages. 


OC Catholic: Summarize the content of the book. 


Fr. Tran: “The Imitation of Mary” is about how we are called to imitate the Blessed Virgin Mary to grow in holiness. I write about 12 qualities of Mary that we can cultivate so as to be more pleasing to God and merit more graces. These qualities are: humility, faith, love of God and neighbor, gratitude, joy, docility to the Holy Spirit, abandonment to divine providence, mortification, desire and efforts in holiness, and reception of the sacraments. I also explain how grace works, in that it requires a response on our part to become fruitful.  


OC Catholic: Why did you write the book? 


Fr. Tran: I wrote “The Imitation of Mary” to help Christians fulfill our universal vocations to intimacy with God, holiness, and bearing witness to Christ. Living out our vocations will help renew the Church, and make us more effective in building God’s kingdom on Earth. I feel that I have been blessed to learn, through reading and prayer, ways in which people can obtain the fullness of grace that God has in store for each one of us. In short, I wrote this book for the glory of God and the sanctification of souls. 


OC Catholic: What will readers learn by reading it? 


Fr. Tran: Among many things, readers will learn that our Lord is constantly pouring out graces upon mankind, yet only a few — those closest to His heart — know how to receive them. Sadly, countless graces are left unclaimed and are thus never allowed to further God’s will on Earth.  

Thankfully, God in His compassion gave us a perfect model for disposing ourselves to His graces and responding to them: The Blessed Virgin Mary. In “The Imitation of Mary” readers will learn how to imitate the 12 essential qualities of Mary in order to unleash a torrent of graces in their life. Like any gift, grace must be received, opened, and used. As readers learn how, they will begin to acquire the temperaments, dispositions, and qualities that are most pleasing to God — and serve as a channel of God’s grace for others. 

Readers will also learn: 


  • The three major obstacles to living a life of faith
  • What to do if you experience a crisis of faith
  • The four levels of happiness — and how to acquire them
  • How it’s possible for you to merit an increase in graces
  • Seven ways you can cultivate a rich devotion to Our Lady
  • The difference between sanctifying grace and actual grace
  • The four effects that grace will have on your soul


OC Catholic: What did YOU learn by writing it? 


Fr. Tran: Writing does not come naturally for me. I had to be disciplined and relied much on God’s grace and the prayers and support of friends and family. I had to remove myself from the parish and the rectory and go to a retreat house in order to be in a quiet, prayerful environment without distractions, in order to write. Writing was fun and engaging at times, but it was also work. It took me three years to complete “The Imitation of Mary.” I had to take my vacation time to get away so that I could work on this personal project. I really put my heart, mind and soul – my entire being – into this labor of love. I hope that people will find the book helpful in their spiritual life and that “The Imitation of Mary” will bear much fruit for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.