Christ Cathedral


Libera! boys choir returns to Christ Cathedral on Aug. 7

By Staff     7/30/2018

Christ Cathedral will on Tuesday, Aug. 7, welcome back the Choir Boys from London called LIBERA! The distinctive sound of Libera has traveled the world in the last few years. The group’s albums have topped both mainstream and classical charts in many countries, and their recordings hold their place in the top-10 charts alongside major artists like Bocelli. 

The boys who make up the vocal band Libera have been described as “normal” and “ordinary.” However, as their recordings and performances demonstrate, the music they produce is truly extraordinary. With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard. These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial sounds for a new time. 

The singers of Libera, age 7 to 16 years old, attend many different local schools in South London and come from a variety of backgrounds. Although they are boys and they sing, they do not think of themselves as choirboys, but rather as an alternative kind of boy band. 

While the unique sound of Libera may be impossible to pigeonhole, its universal appeal has endeared the group to fans all over the world, particularly in the US, the UK, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan, where their CDs top the mainstream and classical charts and where they pack concert halls appearing in their trademark flowing white robes on imaginatively lit stages.  

Last year’s concert was a complete sell-out. To order your tickets visit and click on “music.”