From the Bishop


By The Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of Orange     3/31/2021

Dear brothers and sisters, 

As I have been spending time at home recuperating from my recent laminectomy, I have been reflecting on a number of things. One of these, in this challenging age in which we find ourselves, is the blessing of our Asian families and all that they have contributed to our communities here in our Diocese, and in fact throughout all of California.  

We are especially grateful here in the Diocese of Orange for our Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino and Chinese brothers and sisters who are the foundation and backbone of so many of our parishes and ministries. 

Recent examples of prejudice against our Asian-American brothers, sisters and friends are not only regrettable, but reprehensible.  

I remember years ago when so many Vietnamese families, for example, were welcomed here to the states as they were fleeing their homeland. 

Let us be sure to remember that our Faith calls us still to live that “welcome” and “witness.” We owe all of them a thanks and acknowledgement.