Santa Margarita students Edward and Dennis Blaul are recipients of the 2017 Courage Award

By Staff     7/24/2017

Each year Santa Margarita Catholic High School spotlights its high achievers in academics, the arts, sports and citizenship. One award, however, is truly inspiring, not only to the honorees, but to everyone who learns of their story.

The Courage Award is to be given to students who face tremendous adversity in their lives. They display a great deal of courage, along with deep faith in God, to handle the obstacles in the paths.

The school’s 2017 Courage Award honorees are Eddie and Dennis Blauh. The boys were born in Russia and spent their early years in an orphanage in St. Petersburg before being adopted at the age of five by the Blauh family in the U.S. They have shown tremendous courage while facing a new life thousands of miles from their origins and demonstrating hard work through their achievements.