College Days help students envision their future

By Staff     11/13/2017

Inspiring students to become lifelong learners is one of many goals that educators strive to achieve in order to empower students to realize their potential and make the most of the gifts that God has blessed them with. St. Joseph School’s parent leadership organization (PGO) wanted to make sure students viewed college as a real, tangible goal.  

Over the course of several meetings with St. Joseph Principal Dr. Brad Snyder, the PGO worked out a plan to do just that. Each class would pick a college. The teacher would familiarize the students with different aspects of the school in age-appropriate lessons. Students would learn about the mascot, the school’s colors, its location, what the school is known for, famous alumni, and even the school fight song. The goal was that over the course of 10 years students would learn about 10 different colleges, and the idea of going to college would become an achievable goal. Elementary school to high school to college would be their path. To create a “buzz” about the new idea, it was decided that on one Friday each month students would wear jeans and a shirt with either the color or logo of the college their class was studying.  

A walk through the classes on College Day at St. Joseph is evidence that the idea to help students visualize their future in college has worked. One can hear the students talking about their universities with enthusiasm and hope. This is an example of the good that comes from having involved parents collaborating with the administration to make the school responsive to the needs of the community. And it is what makes St. Joseph School in Santa Ana such a special place.