By Edna Ethington     9/15/2016

Approximately 50 Health Ministry volunteers attended the Volunteer Appreciation Night at St. Irenaeus Parish Hall in Cypress on Monday, August 22. Health Ministry Board member Karen Nerrie welcomed and invited all the volunteers in the various ministries at St. Irenaeus to enjoy the treats that board members prepared for them before and during the movie “The Original Image of Divine Mercy.”

Health Ministry Board member Karen Nerrie, chair of Ministry to the Homebound, offered an inspirational opening prayer. Nerrie thanked all the volunteers for the work that they did in each of their ministries, being “Christ’s hands and feet” as they cared for parishioners at St. Irenaeus and their many needs.

Some of the ministries that were represented were Ministries for Lectors, Sacristans, Pew Angels, Altar Linens, Eucharist Servers, Homebound, Shawl Makers, Care Facilities, Capacitar, Grief Support, Parish Nurses, Women’s Cancer Support, Funeral Hospitality, Labyrinth, and Love Thy Neighbor, also known as Helping Hands.

Nerrie encouraged everyone to continue their good work in their ministries and invite other parishioners to also volunteer and join their ministries since there is always a need for more ministers.

Nerrie introduced each of the Health Ministry Board members present, including Director Sr. Rita O’Connell, Past Board Chairperson and Advisor Carol Reed, Current Board Chair Monica Kovach, Secretary Donna Kriesel, Parish Nurse Chair Terry Arenz, Care Center Chair Grace Francis, Grief Support Group Chair Cindy Frisari, Homebound Ministers Chair Karen Nerrie, Helping Hands Co- Chair Elaine Brewster, Funeral Planner Betty Borowski and Publicity Chair Edna Ethington. Absent was Helping Hands Co-Chair Cindy Lewis.