By Staff     10/2/2017


St. Catherine’s Academy (SCA) is proud to congratulate 7th grade student Alexandre Pelcak for being honored in Anaheim’s 22nd Annual Flag Day Essay Contest. Nearly 1,000 students from the city of Anaheim in grades kindergarten to 12 participated in the annual event. Only 35 students were selected as the winners of the “What the American Flag Means to Me” essay contest.  

The first-place finalists received a certificate of recognition signed by U.S. Congressman Ed Royce and presented by Anaheim City Mayor Tom Tait on September 12.  

“The American Flag is very important to me. It symbolizes security, bravery, courage and most of all, freedom,” said Pelcak. Pelcak attended the recognition ceremony wearing his St. Catherine’s Academy formal uniform. He is the proud nephew, godson, cousin and grandson of United States veterans. 

Pelcak explained in his essay that his patriotism stems all the way back to when he was 5 years old. His grandfather always showed his love for America and the American flag. He learned at a young age to love and respect his country. “I will always love this country, the American flag, its founding fathers, its protectors, and, most of all, its freedom. America is, and always will be, free and just in everything it does,” said Pelcak.