Volleyball Rosary

By Jenelyn Russo     6/7/2019

Although her mother played volleyball at the collegiate level, Sophia Lambros still feels her path to the sport was unexpected. 

“I really enjoyed playing soccer…but as I got older, I realized it wasn’t for me,” says Lambros. “I was only doing it because it was what I started with. So I started venturing into other options. My mom guided me towards volleyball, and I just found a passion in it.” 

The rising senior at Rosary Academy may not have played the sport for as long as her peers, but as a setter and three-year varsity player for the Royals, Lambros is making strides in her game. 

“Some of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced is being a player who didn’t start when she was 10 years old,” says Lambros. “I’ve had to work twice as hard as other players to get where I am now, in a shorter amount of time. But it definitely has been worth every second.” 

Serving as captain last season made a large impact on the 17-year-old’s confidence level and leadership skills. 

“The sport has definitely boosted my confidence,” says Lambros. “Being able to play a sport where communication is so key has pushed me to become more confident and outgoing. Being able to learn how to support others when they’re down is beneficial to every aspect of my life.” 

Rosary volleyball head coach Filip Tomicic refers to Lambros as a “one of a kind” in her skill level and contribution to the team. 

“The ability that Sophia possesses is something that we as coaches do not see often,” says Tomicic. “However, what makes her truly special is not just her God-given ability, but her hard work and leadership both on and off the court.” 

Off the court, Lambros volunteers her time at the Boys & Girls Club in her city of Fullerton. As a triplet with two brothers at Servite High School, family is important, and she spends as much time with them as possible. Looking ahead to after graduation, Lambros has made a verbal commitment to play volleyball for Boston College, where she is likely to study business. 

Her grandmother on her father’s side was one of Lambros’ first role models and a large influence in her decision to attend Rosary. As a result, her faith has become a key component of her game. 

“I think [prayer] is a great way to start and end our practices, to know that we’re blessed…to be able to represent our school,” says Lambros. “Being able to ‘bookend’ everything we do with that aspect of faith reminds us what is really important and how lucky and blessed we are to be playing the sport that we’re passionate about.”