Program promotes unity among spirit teams

By Staff     9/19/2018


The Aug. 31 Eagle’s Football game featured a refreshing moment of community and sportsmanship, but this moment was not created solely by the boys on the gridiron. The half-time show for Friday’s game between the Eagles and Colorado’s Cherry Creek Bruins featured the Eagles Varsity Song team partnering with the Bruins Dance team in a team building campaign known as #AcrossTheField.

The Eagles were recently recognized by Varsity Spirit, a leading company in dance and cheerleading initiatives, for embodying the characteristics that highlight the #AcrossTheField campaign. These characteristics consist of promoting spirit, team building and sportsmanship across school spirit teams.

To pass on this tremendous honor to another deserving recipient, the Eagles chose to pass on special poms and the message of spirit and community to a Cherry Creek Dance team that embodies similar values in their native Colorado.

“This was such a great opportunity to meet a new team and symbolize our unity,” said Eagle Song Captains Alexis Zertuche of Rancho Santa Margarita and Catherine Nilsen of Laguna Hills, both seniors at the school. “We look forward to fostering a friendship with Cherry Creek and seeing them again at Nationals in Florida.”

After the passing of the poms, both teams entertained the crowd with a joint performance.

“We are so thrilled to be part of the #AcrosstheField Varsity Spirit Fashion initiative to promote spirit, team building, sportsmanship and community among spirit teams,” said Santa Margarita Varsity Song Coach Nicole Cestone. “We take pride in being ambassadors of our school and community, and believe in community patriotism, we call school spirit.”