Diocese of Orange welcomed delegation from Anyang, Republic of South Korea

By Gabriella Dominic     8/8/2019

The Diocese of Orange last month welcomed Mayor Choi Dae Ho, City Council Chairwoman Kim Sun Hwa, and city council members from Anyang, Republic of South Korea. Anyang is the sister city of Garden Grove, CA. 

The South Korean delegation had a three-day visit to Garden Grove for a private reception to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sister City status of Anyang and Garden Grove. The Sister City Association of Garden Grove is a nonprofit with a mission to further the knowledge and understanding between the people of Garden Grove and those of similar cities in foreign countries.  

Located approximately 20 miles from Seoul, Anyang is a modern city of over 640,000 people. The main products that are produced by Anyang include machinery, electronics, medicine, film, and textiles.  

The South Korean delegates were welcomed to Christ Cathedral by Msgr. Stephen Doktorczyk, vicar general and moderator of the curia, Linda Ji, director of Pastoral Care for Families in All Stages, Rev. Eugene Lee, pastor at Korean Martyrs Catholic Center in Westminster, and Hank Evers, director of marketing for the Diocese of Orange.  

Evers noted, “The City of Garden Grove is a vibrant city offering both residents and businesses excellent services and an environment in which to thrive. Working with our partners in the city’s Office of Community Relations, we planned an exciting tour of the Christ Cathedral campus for the Anyang 25-person delegation.”  

“Starting in the Cathedral Cultural Center, they explored our state-of-the-art Freed Theater and Atrium in the lower level, and then walked through the second-floor exhibit, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition,” Evers said. “We toured the Tower of Hope, including EWTN’s television studio and Relevant Radio’s sound studio before experiencing the expansive view from the Chapel in the Sky on the 13th floor. The group seemed almost awestruck by the size and beauty of the Arboretum, the award-winning building used to celebrate Masses while awaiting the dedication of Christ Cathedral. Then the crown jewel; we toured the fully renovated Christ Cathedral where everyone paused for prayer and a few minutes of silent meditation.”   

“We believe their visit to Garden Grove was memorable,” Evers added, “and hope that their tour of Christ Cathedral will remain in their hearts as well as memories.”