After 42 years of service, Toner had positive impact on thousands of students

By STAFF     7/1/2016

Servite High School has announced the retirement Larry Tonner. The former head varsity football coach, who also coached varsity basketball, influenced the development of young men on and off the field of play.

In a statement Tonner said: “It’s time to spend more time with my wife, children and grandchildren.”

Toner had a huge impact on the lives of thousands of students serving as the inspiration, founder and leader of Servite’s unique and nationally known Formation Program, football and basketball coach, choir director, and a teacher of theology, Latin, Spanish, and French. Perhaps most important, Toner has been a lifelong mentor for many Servite graduates who credit him with challenging them to become good men who lead people to Christ by their example.

Toner helped establish and lead the highly regarded Servite Formation Program in 2005. That program uses grade level formation directors to work with faculty, coaches and parents to form each Servite student into a man in every dimension: spiritual, character, academic and leadership.

Toner served from 1989 through 2004 as Servite’s head varsity football coach with two appearances in CIF Championship games as well as multiple league titles. Before that, Toner was a varsity basketball assistant coach and served for many memorable years as the Servite head freshman football coach.

“Coach Toner has had an enormous impact on my life and the lives of thousands of other Servite graduates,” Servite President Pete Bowen said. “From my first encounter with Coach Toner freshman year in 1978 to today, Coach helped shape me into the man, the father and the leader that I am today. While Coach Toner’s official role has come to a close, we expect him to continue to be a presence in our Servite community.”

When asked why he initially chose to work at Servite, Toner replied, “To bring young men to Christ.”