By Staff     9/11/2017


Among the proud 2017 graduates from St. Justin Martyr School in Anaheim is Clark Hammer. He will now join his brother Jasper at Servite High School, which has awarded Clark the President’s Scholarship. It is awarded to three members of the Class of 2021 who show an exemplary work ethic in the classroom and a distinguished record of leadership in their school and local communities. The award is $10,000.00 per year over four years, for a total of $40,000.00.  

Clark is a leader in his parish, his school and in his family. He served three years on SJM’s Student Council and served as the Student Body President in his last year. He has been active in Boy Scouts, serves on the altar and initiated a prayer group among his peers for the purpose of experiencing deeper prayer.  

Clark says, “I’m so blessed to receive this gift and opportunity. It’s amazing that I am able to help my family pay for a Catholic education for my siblings and me. His sisters are in 5th and 3rd grade at St. Justin Martyr School. Frances, age 10, says, “Clark is a good big brother because he always plays with us, even when he doesn’t want to. He ‘s funny and he makes up good games.” Eight-year-old Lizzy says, “I like my brother because he’s funny and always tells jokes. He’s good at creating things, like costumes.” 

“Clark is one of the finest examples of a young man his age I have ever known,” says his St. Justin principal, Mrs. Janet Balsis. “He is faith-filled and has a love for learning.”