Christ Cathedral


By Staff     10/21/2020

The region’s legal professionals, scholars and judges on Oct. 5 convened on the campus of Christ Cathedral to celebrate the 32 annual Red Mass. Each year for centuries legal communities around the globe have gathered at local churches for worship and fellowship.  

“Each year, the Red Mass brings together the legal community of Orange County in joyful faith, fellowship, and worship, to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and receive God’s grace to strengthen our resolve as we face the ever-increasing challenges of our times,” explained William Malecki, Esq., Red Mass chairperson. 

The St. Thomas More Society of Orange County celebrated its first Red Mass in Orange County in 1988 with many jurists and members of the Bar actively participating.  

This year the evening Mass was celebrated in the plaza outside of Christ Cathedral due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bishop Kevin Vann was the celebrant of the Mass. Fr. Scott Borgman, the Judicial Vicar for the Diocese of Orange and a doctor of canon law, was the homilist.  

According to William Brown, partner at Brown Wegner LLP, and an event organizer, between 40 and 50 state and federal judges typically attend the Red Mass. They traditionally participate in the colorful procession, along with prominent local law professors. This year, no procession took place and attendees were socially distanced. 

Brown said, “We pray for the benefit of society that our legal system and those who work within it, regardless of their faith or tradition, will be blessed.”