By FATHER DAMIEN GIAP     9/28/2021

As “The Bread of Life” our Savior instructed us to celebrate communion in memory of his sacrifice on the cross to demonstrate his profound love for each of us. He calls us together so he might nourish us with this precious gift of his Body and Blood. He invites us to gather so he can give us spiritual strength to persevere and encourages us to unite so he can satisfy us in a way that nothing else truly can. He inspires us, through the gift of communion, to personify “community.”

In response to this call, St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Costa Mesa hosted its Annual Spaghetti dinner on Friday, Sept. 10 not to raise funds or awareness, but to celebrate God’s love of that community. Saint John the Baptist’s outdoor plaza was filled with happy, joyous families who prayed and broke bread together, toasted each other and played as a community united by a mutually shared love of God and neighbor.

“It was a true celebration of the faith community that all our families know and love,” said Principal Paula Viles. “As we gathered in his name, he was there with us, and as a community that celebrates his love, he blessed us.”