Christ Cathedral Academy's winning basketball program also develops the whole child

By Staff     2/21/2018

“Powered by Faith” is the theme this year for Christ Cathedral Academy (CCA) Athletics. Developing unity at CCA, students pray together before games and also during practices.  

“A team that prays together, plays together,” says Coach Mike. Coach Mike also stresses not keeping track of wins and losses, rather the development of the student as a whole. “Every practice, we gather all five teams and talk about the game. More importantly, we talk about the values that can be learn beyond the game of basketball,” says Head Coach Kwang.  

The CCA Basketball Program believes that if students practice values such as hard work, commitment and faith, the students’ game tends to yield better results. They win with class and lose with class–although they generally win.  

Christ Cathedral Academy sports program has grown and developed into a competitive sports program that began in 2013. The school stresses the development of all student athletes by emphasizing fundamentals and hard work. Students are reminded that they are scholar-athletes and an importance is placed on students maintaining above a C average in all core subjects.  

The coaching staff consists mainly of teachers, which further helps the growth and academic success of the scholar athletes. This continuity in the sports program has led to the school increasing its winning percentage in most sports teams. The growing sports program continues to be key source of school spirit and pride among the student body, as well as continues to build community among parents, students, faculty, and staff. 

The CCA 2017-2018 Basketball Program continues to look strong with over 60 student athletes and three teams on the path to winning league. Most recently, the CCA boys’ varsity took first place at the Mater Dei Tournament that consisted of various teams in the Diocese of Orange.  

“The power of faith helps students not only believe in the game, but believe in themselves,” says CCA Athletic Director Brian Garvey.