Christ Cathedral


Fundraiser for Caterina's Club exceeds goal

By Hank Evers     1/3/2018

The goal of the all-day KFI Radio Pasta-thon that took place on the campus of Christ Cathedral Dec. 8 was to raise money and collect donations of pasta that would support the nonprofit Caterina’s Club, an organization that feeds thousands of hungry children dinner each night. While the group’s fundraising goal was exceeded–more than $350,000 was raised–something even more wonderful happened that day. Donors who came to the campus had an opportunity to learn about Christ and, in some cases, to reconnect with their Catholic Faith. 

“It’s been so many years since I last went to confession,” said one guest who had her confession heard, “I’m afraid I don’t know what to do or what to say.”  

The Orange Catholic Foundation and a group of diocesan volunteers saw this as an opportunity to draw guests on the campus closer to Christ. According to Diocese of Orange Chancellor Dr. Pia De Solenni, “It was truly remarkable. There was already a line of people waiting for confession before the first priest showed up at 7 a.m. and the stream was constant until dark. Both the signage and visibility of offering confessions outside in the courtyard helped attract the visitors.”  

In addition to confessions, the team orchestrated adoration in the Arboretum and a special noon Mass in the Large Gallery, concelebrated by Bishop Kevin Vann.  

Along with the Orange Catholic Foundation, the Faith Formation ministry of Christ Cathedral Parish manned several tables outside the KFI event that offered information on our Catholic faith and the services we provide. Dynamic Catholic, a tenant on campus, provided free faith-related books to interested guests. 

The event began at 5 a.m. with the KFI team broadcasting from the Cultural Center and continued until 10 p.m. A steady stream of donors dropped off checks as well as pasta and sauce donations. By day’s end $366,412 was raised and more than 67,000 pounds of pasta. Also, thousands of visitors to the campus of Christ Cathedral saw faith in action.