By Mike Schabert, Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools - Marketing and Enrollment     1/22/2020


  1. Have a “starting point/table”. Have iPads with students in uniform or parents taking data info and guiding to the “opening area”
  2. Have an “Opening Area” (Courtyard with chairs or gym/hall) for attendees to gather after checking in.
  3. Start with a brief welcome to everyone and to provide information. This should be done as a large group. Among the things to share:
  4. Benefits of a Catholic education
  5. Stats. Helpful to share how graduates of your school are prepared for HS. Use the info diocese sends about graduates from OC Catholic High Schools. Use infographic stats included in this newsletter.
  6. Verbalize that there are only xxxx number of spots in each grade. List them grade by grade. Remind them they can lock in a spot that day and that you are already taking applications.
  7. Student testimonial from alumni and current Catholic HS student dressed in their formal uniform and/or varsity jacket
  8. parent testimonial(s) including a transfer family.
  9. Consider a Fact Sheet about your school to hand out after this welcome is over and, on the other side, list a few of your “hot spots” or areas of interest that they will visit at the open house. Hot spots could allow for you to group teachers by grade area (middle school, 3-5, early childhood) so that tours are shorter and all teachers have traffic and do not feel like it was a waste of time. Highlight your key rooms and programs.
  10. Families then take a tour. Be conscious of transfers…try to pair with transfer families/parents/students. It is not necessary (nor desirable) to tour the entire school. All tours should end in a “closing room”.
  11. In the closing room, the Principal can be available for greet and thank people. Have a tuition assistance table and application table well labeled. Consider a discount if they apply today.
  12. Consider having the student who gave a tour to write a note/card right then and there before doing another tour.


Evening of Open House or next morning


  1. Thank you email and invitation to your Info Night later that week and link to application. Email everyone on your prospect list an invite to the info night.
  2. TEACHERS: Try to keep note of the names of parents you spoke to this day. Then go to the organizer and get their email address from check-in. Consider sending them an email:
  1. -Dear Mrs. Jones, It was a real pleasure meeting you and Johnny today. I really enjoyed our conversation. I am available to you should you have any more questions or even wish to come visit my classroom one day. All the best in finding your new “home away from home” for you and Johnny!