By STAFF     8/26/2021

Leaders are adaptable. That is exactly what The Association of Catholic Student Councils, better known as TACSC, has been teaching for almost four decades.

Despite the pandemic, TACSC just completed its Summer Leadership Conferences for over two hundred Catholic middle school students. Rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from the Diocese of Orange Schools such as; St. Barbara, St. Catherine’s Academy, St. Columbian, St., Joseph elementary and St. Simon and Jude attended TACSC Summer Conferences at Loyola Marymount University and Mount St. Mary’s University learning how to become faith-filled Catholic leaders. The 39-year-old non-profit organization was originally founded to promote Catholic leadership and Student Council in parochial schools. TACSC mission is to develop moral leaders to positively impact our world.

Today, students do not have to be a part of student government to learn about becoming real world strategic planners, effective communicators, lifelong mentors and servant leaders. Executive Director, Heidi Johnson said, “Students learn who they can become from our incredible college and high school staff and where they will go, being on a college campus. It is a life changing experience for our delegates.”

TACSC will serve over three hundred students this summer at their three Summer Leadership Conferences and serve over 2500 students this year including their high school Core Leader[1]ship Team Program and their Student Leadership Days. As one of the young delegates said, “I cannot wait to come back to TACSC and teach the skills that I was taught, as a counselor. I know I am a better person, am closer to God and know that I am a leader who can make a difference in the world.”

TACSC is grateful for its continued partnership with the Diocese of Orange and is excited for what is ahead this school year in Orange County. For more information please visit www.TACSC. org.