Cornelia Connelly’s new Head of School, Cheri Wood, warmly welcomed at installation ceremony

By Staff     9/29/2017

Cheri Wood was welcomed at a Sept. 20 installation ceremony that appointed her Cornelia Connelly School’s 10th Head of School. It has been 23 years since the all-girls school in Anaheim has welcomed a new Head of School, a testament to the consistency in leadership over the years.  

Each year it is a tradition to begin the school year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit. This year with the addition of an installment ceremony for Connelly’s new Head of school, many visitors attended. Among the students, faculty and staff at the Mass were parents, alumnae, friends, representatives from the Diocese of Orange, Connelly board members, and past and present Heads of School from Connelly and Mayfield Senior School.  

Following an introduction by Priscila Forbes, chair of the Board of Trustees, the Most Reverend Bishop Timothy Freyer, Auxiliary Bishop of Orange, presided over the Mass and Installation ceremony.