Rosary Soccer

By Jenelyn Russo     8/1/2016

When she was younger, Makinna Posada was looking for an activity that would make good use of her seemingly endless energy. She found that outlet in the sport of soccer.

“I started playing soccer at nine [years old], and I haven’t stopped since,” says Posada.


As a recent Rosary Academy graduate, the two-year varsity player was mostly in a defensive role for the Royals. Drawn to soccer for its speed, Posada enjoys the challenge and focus required to play defense.

“I love the speed of the game,” says Posada of soccer. “I like playing defense because I have to really make sure I’m watching my player.”

Athletics at Rosary was not limited to soccer for Posada. The 18-year old also competed in cross country and track for the Royals, running the 800-meter and 1600-meter events. The cross training she gained from the track gave Posada positive results on the soccer field.

“Definitely for both cross country and track, you have to have a strong mind in general because it’s really difficult and it’s all about pushing yourself and knowing that it’s all a mental game,” says Posada. “It helps with your endurance and how long you can last on the field.”

And it’s the mental aspect of soccer that has been the biggest learning curve for Posada.

“It’s a mental game, so at times playing defense if things don’t go as you [planned], if you can’t stay with your mark…it’s all about needing to still stay focused,” says Posada. “Even if you mess up, you still have the ability to help the game and help the team in general.”

In her outside time, Posada coaches youth soccer, is active in her church, and serves her community through Isaiah’s Rock, a local ministry for low-income families.

Her long-time goal of playing soccer at the collegiate level is set to become a reality as the Chino Hills resident will be attending the University of La Verne, competing in both soccer and track for the Leopards while studying biology. Posada believes her time as a student athlete at Rosary helped provide her the building blocks for a solid future.

“To keep pushing even when you don’t think you can do any more,” says Posada of lessons learned from soccer. “I think that can help in college and adult life…to push really hard to get where I want to be…use my determination to get further.”

Posada credits her parents and a long list of coaches from over the years as those who have shaped her as a player and a person. But the biggest influence has been that of her faith.

“My faith plays a big role, not just on the soccer field, but life in general,” says Posada. “I live by Colossians 3:23, and it really helps me when I play, when I’m struggling with anything.”