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Special health and wellness feature

By Paul Hodgins     4/14/2015

We all want to lead healthy, happy lives. But that’s easier said than done.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the information you need from a trustworthy source.

What’s the best diet for a diabetic condition? How do I fit exercise into my busy schedule? Is there an effective way to improve my memory? Prevent that mid-afternoon energy slump? Kick that smoking habit?

Orange County Catholic wants to help you with these health issues and many others in a way that’s informative, friendly, concise and easy to follow. “Living Healthier, Feeling Happier” will present a series of stories – one every two weeks. Aided by respected medical experts from St. Joseph Hoag Health System, we’ll offer practical advice about many health and wellness issues. Some examples:

  • If you have diabetes, you know how hard it can be to manage the condition. That’s why experts keep looking for better ways to control it. Every year, the American Diabetes Association reviews the latest research on diabetes and updates its care guidelines. We’ll look at its current recommendations.
  • Despite its popularity, yoga is no exercise fad. The practice has been around for thousands of years. Poses like Downward-Facing Dog and Lotus encourage a balance between the body and mind. Many yoga enthusiasts believe it promotes better health. We talk to an expert about current practices and beliefs.
  • If your job requires you to sit for much of the day, sooner or later you may experience pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hands or wrists. We offer some tips about preventing or managing the physical stress of repetitive tasks and desk work.
  • Many older adults enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a beer while watching the game on TV. About half of Americans ages 65 and older drink alcohol. Having a drink now and then is fine; it might even confer health benefits. But how much is too much? We ask a medical professional.
  • Some people who are quick to anger are likely to wind up with significantly elevated levels of heart-damaging cholesterol as well as other negative effects. What are the warning signs that your temper is affecting your health, and what are the best ways to manage anger.


Life expectancy today in America is about 78.8 years. For babies born in 2020, it will be more than 80. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 400,000 Americans are over age 95. In the 2010 census there were more than 53,000 centenarians in America.

If you want to live long and live well, consider the advice of longevity experts: Stay physically, socially and mentally active and stick to a healthy diet.

“Living Healthier, Feeling Happier” will offer pointers and essential information with well-sourced articles, fact boxes and phone numbers and websites for those who seek additional information. We hope you’ll find this series thought-provoking, informative and above all useful.


* “Living Healthier, Feeling Happier” is sponsored content, supported by St. Joseph Hoag Health.