By MIKE ZINN     6/27/2023

St. Columban School’s  Brandon Fragoso is the final leader spotlight of the 2022-2023 school year.

He has made a remarkable impression on staff and fellow students during his two years at the school. Arriving at St. Columban as a transfer student at the start of his seventh-grade school year, Fragoso immediately immersed himself in all aspects of student life. In the words of eighth-grade teacher, Lori Matsunaga, “he fit right in and made a positive impact quickly on his fellow students.”

Both Matsunaga and Principal Melissa Geary praised Fragoso for his strong leadership skills and willingness to help students and teachers alike.

“He is self-motivated and takes on tasks without hesitation,” said Geary.

Fragoso has participated in a wide range of activities at St. Columban. He has been a member of student council both years, serving as Commissioner of Athletics. In this role, Fragoso was responsible for communicating with the team coaches and organizing pep rallies. Additionally, Fragoso played on the  basketball and football teams and was an altar server at school Masses.

Academics are very important to Fragoso, with math and science being his favorite subjects.

“I like math because it challenges me and science because it is mysterious and teaches me the importance of problem solving,” he noted.

Fragoso is very much looking forward to high school. He will be attending Mater Dei High School, along with his twin sister and current classmate, Giselle. Continuing his drive to be involved and a leader, Fragoso would like to serve on the student council and participate in his favorite sport of soccer at Mater Dei. With his well-rounded personality, Fragoso is looking forward to also expressing his creative side by taking a ceramics class. For a future profession Fragoso would like to be a medical doctor or continue with his love of a soccer and become a professional player.

Fragoso’s leadership skills have been evident every day at school.

“He interacts in a positive manner with classmates and takes on leadership roles without being asked,” said Matsunaga.

He participates in “Pax Christi” (Peace of Christ) which has seventh- and eighth grade students monitoring the lunch and playground areas in pairs and help to calmly diffuse any arguments or disagreements among students.

One impactful moment occurred this school year when Fragoso and his partner worked with two third-grade students who were having a disagreement. Their efforts were successful, and the pair went on to become friends.

When asked what he liked best about this school, he replied, “I like how the teachers help and encourage all students to be successful and how the students are very friendly and willing to build-up their fellow classmates.”

Fragoso is most proud of achieving straight A’s and winning the Most Valuable Player award for football.

Behind every great leader, is generally a great role model. Fragoso talked about his mother and her influence on his life.

“My Mom is very strict but understanding, respectful, sweet and kind to others,” he said.