Christ Cathedral



Christ Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange and the spiritual home of Orange County’s 1.3 million Catholics. The cathedral will be the epicenter of Catholicism on the West Coast, serving not only as a place of worship, but faith formation, evangelization, charitable work, art and culture. 

Since its completion in 1980, the iconic Crystal Cathedral has been recognized as a historically significant architectural landmark and has undergone a 7-year renovation to transform it into a Catholic house of worship. Today Christ Cathedral and its surrounding 34-acre campus serve as a place where Catholics and believers of all faiths, throughout Southern California and across the globe, can gather to express their devotion. 

The Diocese of Orange is proud to be a steward of Dr. Robert Schuller’s vision that the cathedral serve as a beacon of faith and a platform to preach the power of unconditional love, hope and the idea that through belief in Jesus Christ anything is possible. 

Because of its history, significance and scale, Christ Cathedral will continue to be a popular destination for tourists from across the globe. Its iconic beauty—and its many arts and cultural events and offerings—will shine as a cultural beacon to believers of all faiths. Most important, it will serve for decades, even centuries, as a central place of worship for Southern California Catholics. 

The Diocese of Orange’s commitment to being a good steward of Christ Cathedral ensures its future relevance as a center of worship. As the Most Rev. Bishop Kevin Vann once described Christ Cathedral: “This gift of God which is given to us is not just for us, but it is for the ages.”