Rosary Academy Basketball team captain "one of the hardest working athletes, says coach

By Jenelyn Russo     12/13/2018

Kate Goostrey has always looked up to her brother, so when he picked up a basketball, so did she. 

“It’s just the love of the game,” says Goostrey. “There’s something about playing basketball, being on a team and being able to be competitive. At the end of the day, working hard and seeing the outcome makes me love it even more.” 

A junior at Rosary Academy, Goostrey is a shooting guard for the Royals and enjoys creating opportunities for her teammates to be successful. As a captain, the 17-year-old is growing into her leadership role while working on her on-court decision-making. 

“Kate is one of the hardest working athletes I’ve ever coached,” says Rosary basketball head coach, Richard Yoon. “Her determination and relentless effort towards accomplishing her goals sets her apart from the rest. On the court, Kate never seems to run out of energy. What she lacks in skill, she makes up for with heart and desire. Kate is constantly working on her game, shooting before school starts and the last to leave the practice. She leads by example, willing to do the little things in order to win big games. Kate is highly driven to succeed in all her endeavors and has the potential to be one of the greatest players in Rosary basketball history.” 

Goostrey was just a freshman when Rosary won the 2017 CIF State Division III Championship, the first state title in school history. A key component of the Royals championship run, Goostrey has found great pride in representing her high school through sports. 

“It’s representing something that’s more than just yourself,” says Goostrey. “Being a part of this team, we are all sisters. There’s something about playing for that family that makes it even more special.” 

Goostrey admits that the mental side of the game has been her biggest stumbling block. But with many lessons learned in perseverance, the three-year varsity player knows she can never give up.  

“When things get hard, it’s knowing not to shut down,” says Goostrey. “Success takes hard work. Nothing is given. I have to work for everything that I get.” 

Off the court, Goostrey is a member of Peer Assistance & Leadership (PAL) as well as California Scholarship Federation (CSF). The Glendora resident is working towards continuing her basketball career in college, with the hopes of combining her passion for the game with her love for the sciences. 

“I can’t see myself without playing basketball,” says Goostrey. 

Goostrey is strongly influenced by her parents, as well as the many coaches she has had along the way who have helped develop her into the player she is today. But ultimately, she knows from where her talents derive. 

“There’s something about coming together…centering our minds on why we are really here,” says Goostrey. “We are gifted this talent from God.”