By Staff     3/13/2018


Kindness Counts Week was instituted by the City of San Clemente and has become a yearly tradition for students at Our Lady of Fatima Academy since 2014.  

The week for OLF students begins with a Kick-Off, Kindness Poem and Pledge assembly led by Student Council members. All students sign a pledge banner promising to Be Encouraging, Supportive, Positive, Helpful, Considerate, Thankful, Responsible, Respectful and a Kind Friend that gets hung in a prominent place on campus. Teachers are equipped with Caught Being Kind Cards to be on the look-out for students exemplifying Kindness.  

In class, the students create two personalized Kindness Cards for the Faith Formation students: one in English and one in Spanish. The 8th-grade students kindly go to an assigned TK-7th grade level to teach the class a specific genre of poetry writing, that results in students penning Kindness-themed poems in one of the following genres: Couplets, Haiku, I AM, Acrostic, Limerick, Ode, Narrative, Ballads, and Sonnets. Students also vote for the “Kindest in the Klass.” 

The final day is Blue-Out Day, the students wear all blue clothing and sunglasses during recess time because “It’s Kool to Be Kind.” During morning assembly, a student from each grade level recites their poem. There is a Free Dress drawing from each grade level’s Caught Being Kind card box and the “Kindest Kid in the Klass is announced and awarded a certificate and free-dress pass. Finally, the students partake in a school-wide, class-to-class “Student Poetry Walk” to culminate their Kind endeavors.