By Staff     4/16/2018


St. Barbara School called up all of its Heart Heroes once again and participated in Jump Rope of Heart last month. Students worked diligently to raise funds for the American Heart Association by asking friends and family for support. St. Barbara School has been participating in this event for over 6 years and has been able to donate over $50,000 to the American Red Cross. 

Students prepare for the event by learning about heart healthy habits, such as eating healthy, increasing physical activity, and cutting out excess sodium. They also focus on fun ways to exercise during PE classes. The American Heart Association also provides students with personal stories about children from all across the country who were born with “special hearts” who benefit from the funds raised by this wonderful event. Students are encouraged to collect donations and in return are eligible for a number of prizes. The theme for this year focused on monsters, and students collected monster characters for each donation level they surpassed. 

Throughout the event, students participate in stations set up by PE instructor Mario Capp. This year, he incorporated volleyball, basketball, hula hooping, softball, an obstacle course, and jump rope stations into the event. Activities are designed with fun and fitness in mind. Students regard the event as “So much fun!” and “a great way to give back.” As with all school events, a thoughtful prayer led by student council representatives set the tone for a faith-filled, energizing event. 

“This event is very personal to me,” says Principal Melissa Baroldi, “as my son was born with a congenital heart defect that required him to undergo 3 open heart surgeries in his first 13 months of life. I am so thankful to the American Heart Association for all of the work it does to educate not only the doctors who treat cardiac patients, but also for all that it does to help kids understand how important their hearts are! It is truly a blessing to work in an environment that so lovingly supports events like Jump Rope for Heart and with people who give so selflessly to others.” Over the years, matters of the heart have affected numerous members of the St. Barbara family, so being able to educate others and jump rope in their honor is especially meaningful. 

Being able to support this event allows everyone to come together for a cause that is so special. American Heart Association says, “It Takes Heart to Be a Hero,” and the students, families, faculty and staff St. Barbara have an abundance of heart and love for others. The St. Barbara School community continues to pray for all of those affected by heart disease and for those in need of the healing power of God.