Christ Cathedral


By Douglas Morino     6/22/2018

Construction continues to transform Christ cathedral into a Catholic house of worship. 

Recent work includes the installation along the cathedral’s interior of thousands of steel powder coated quatrefoils, which will deflect UV rays and heat from the glass. This system will allow the building to be air conditioned at a reasonable cost and improve acoustics without compromising the beauty and appeal of the glass structure. The quatrefoils have been installed along the Cathedral’s ceiling, and are now being placed along the walls. More than 11,000 quatrefoils will make up the unique climate and sound-enhancing system.  

New LED lighting and a new fire sprinkler system has also been installed throughout the cathedral.  

Additionally, the “rood screen” has been placed, serving as a backdrop for the altar and housing audio/visual equipment, including speakers.  

Framing for the Eucharistic Chapel has been completed, and crews will begin to deconstruct the complex system of scaffolding lining the cathedral’s interior in the next few weeks.  

The progress at Christ Cathedral comes as Most. Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of Orange, travels to Verona, Italy where he is visiting the stone and marble factory where the altar, cathedra, ambo, and baptismal font are being crafted for Christ Cathedral. Bishop Vann also toured Grassi family stone/marble works, which is supplying the stone for the flooring of Christ Cathedral. 

And as improvements across the Christ Cathedral Campus continue, several statues will be temporarily removed due to construction. Smiling Jesus, The Lost is Found and The Holy Family are being removed, carefully placed on pallets and then secured in storage until the future Legacy Garden is completed. Once construction is completed, the statues will become a permanent part of the garden where they will be enjoyed and appreciated for many generations to come.