By FATHER DAMIEN GIAP     3/16/2022

God the Father creates such wondrous things! “…for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed.” And we were wonderfully created “after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” So, grounded in that image and likeness, should it surprise us that we are called to create as our Father does?

At St. John the Baptist Catholic School, our S.T.E.A.M. program is an integral part of our commitment to developing the whole student, so they are prepared to love and serve their God in all that they do. Our God needs problem solvers here on earth who are willing to serve their fellow man by discovering and developing solutions to the challenges of the world around us that God has created and that we are called to steward and protect.

On the evening of Feb. 16, the St. John’s campus was transformed into a wonderland of God’s creations, mixed with unique challenges designed to inspire creative thinking and innovative solutions. Grounded in a Christ-centered environment, students and their families were invited to celebrate the beauty of the gift of God’s image and likeness through the demonstration of their unique ability to innovate and create. The result was an energized and dynamic evening of over 400 students and family members learning and playing in communion.

Excellence in Catholic education comes from our commitment to the knowledge that God is, and always will be, the creator and sustainer of everything that makes up our world and all that can be discovered and learned. With this in mind, we are charged with helping our young people to develop the tools they will need to live a life of service and stewardship that glorifies God.

At St. John’s, we are always working to nurture and guide the beliefs, motivations, and callings of our students. We strive to develop student discipleship and faithfulness that prepares each child to meet the world challenges that await them. “Everything created by God is good” and we are “the image of the invisible God” so we must inspire our children to celebrate their incredible nature and to create as their Father does, in service to His creations and His people.