Christ Cathedral


Hundreds are expected to participate in this prayerful prelude to Christ Cathedral construction

By STAFF     8/27/2015

Hundreds are expected to participate in a Candlelight Vigil at Christ Cathedral, set to begin on Friday evening, Aug. 28. Hundreds more are expected to join the vigil remotely. Attendees will unite in prayerful anticipation of the beginning of the renovation and conversion of the former Crystal Cathedral into a Catholic place of worship.

Thousands of candles will be lit during the vigil and will remain burning for three days as a symbol of the prayer requests. The candle lighting vigil will be ongoing until construction begins early next year.

When Christ Cathedral is dedicated and opened, it will be filled every day with prayer. In anticipation of that day, the prayers of those gathered will begin to fill the cathedral during this historic vigil.

A vigil means to “keep watch” in anticipation of something extremely important and significant. During this event participants will keep watch, with Jesus at the center, awaiting the day when Christ Cathedral will be alive with the graces of Word and Sacrament being celebrated within its walls.

Those not able to attend may request a candle be lit in their name. A donation of $10 per candle is suggested and beginning Friday they can be purchased online. Each lighted candle will represent the prayers and specific intentions of a person who has come here, even before the cathedral is opened, as an expression of faith in the loving presence of God.

During the vigil, Bishop Vann and his co-celebrants will call upon the intercession of Mary and of the saints, including St. Junipero Serra.