Reader Contributions


By Ray E. Javier, Placentia, CA        7/4/2018

On the way to Calvary, Blessed Mary, His Mother, saw Jesus stumble under the weight of the cross laden with the iniquities of humanity.  Hurriedly, she tried to push her way to go help Him up, but was hampered by the crowd.  And when He got up, their eyes met for an instant.  That’s all it took to convey to her how much He loved her, but must do His Father’s will for mankind’s salvation.  Momentarily stunned, she stood there and the crowd pushed her back and left her behind.

She caught up with everyone on Golgotha, but the gruesome sight of Jesus’ hands and feet being brutally nailed to the cross engulfed her.  “Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb?” (Isaiah 49:15).  A gut-wrenching cry of agony and distress shattered the cacophony of pounding, crushing bones, grunts and murmuring crowd, as John and the other two Mary’s restrained her from getting too close to His crucifiers.

Saddled with intense grief, she endured the torment of watching her Son Jesus as He hang torturously for hours on the cross—His strength slowly ebbing away with every excruciating gasp for air.  Blessed Mary, His Mother, His flesh and blood, His beloved, felt every hurt, pain and torture He was suffering, “…for as deep and as great her tender love for Him, so, too, was the anguish and sorrow that gripped her…” until He expired.

Finally, the lifeless Jesus was taken down from the cross into her arms—arms that once cradled Him, guided Him as He learned to walk, and tenderly nurtured Him to manhood.  Her sadness is “…beyond measure, no human heart has known or will ever know…”  For this, I humbly pray:

Holy Mary, Immaculate Mother of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on the immeasurable anguish and grief you suffered at the foot of the cross, as you lovingly cradled the lifeless body of Jesus, your Son, I am deeply perturbed, repentant, and sincerely regret the agony I caused with my transgressions.  Forgive me, O Holy Mother, and I firmly resolve, with your help and with God’s graces, to cleanse my soul, atone for my sins, and amend my life.

Teach me, O Holy Mother, as you taught your young Son, to perceive and understand the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, and cultivate the wisdom to overcome sinful habits, spurn proud illusions, and practice humility and compassion.

Guide me, O Holy Mother, as you guided baby Jesus, to walk on the path our Heavenly Father has laid out for me, and pray for those gifts I most need to fortify my belief, invigorate my hopes, and dispel any doubt that beclouds my faith.

Intercede for me, O Holy Mother, that I may gain the courage, strength and perseverance to pursue His divine will and respond to it generously, as Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane.

 Help me, O Holy Mother, offer to God, my Creator and Redeemer, my humble praises, adoration, and gratitude for all He has done to sustain me in this life and prepare me to share in the joy of eternal life.

Humbly I pray, Immaculate Mother of God, please intercede for me, your lowly servant.  Amen.