It’s remarkable when leaving Mass on Sunday morning to see how many of us forget all about kindness and humility as soon as we get behind the wheels of our cars. I can’t count the times I’ve nearly collided with other parishioners as we rush to exit the parking lot.

That begs the question: If devotion to our faith lasts an hour a week or less, how can we truly be living the word of God? “Acts of Faith,” featured in this issue, addresses that concern. Writer Larry Urish offers insights into various ways that we can live as Catholics beyond Sunday Mass as we develop our spirituality and serve our community.

Many times just getting to Sunday Mass required as much energy as I had to give. Yet even as my three kids were young and rambunctious, I served as a Eucharistic minister or lector at Sunday Mass, participated in weekend retreats and attended Bible study groups. Like many others I discovered that prayer, worship, volunteerism and even philanthropic giving went beyond momentary sacrifice to deepen my devotion.

Our nonstop, 24/7 world forces us to be creative in fitting daily prayer into our busy lives: One busy mother told me that she prays several decades of the rosary while driving her children to school. Others say their morning prayers as soon as they open their eyes before getting out of bed.

As the story notes, pausing to share a silent moment to hear what the Lord is saying to us can have a powerful effect. Rather than shoehorning our spirituality into a scant 60 minutes on Sunday, prayer and study can make us better Catholics – and better people.

Committing to serving our parish, the Diocese of Orange and our communities may require time, energy and sacrifice, but it reaps many benefits for us as we walk the talk of our faith.

These days, my daughter and I volunteer through School on Wheels tutoring homeless kids once a week. Many times it’s challenging and difficult. Still, as the story mentions, God calls us into action. Our answer helps us grow in our relationship with Him, in service to His word and His people.