The La Purisima Catholic School Science Fair showcases student innovation

By Staff     5/3/2018

La Purisima Catholic school students in grades four through eight tested theories and built better mousetraps, part of the school’s annual Science Fair. After weeks of working on projects during and after school, students displayed their findings and ideas on cardboard exhibits that were showcased in the school for all to view and for judges to grade. 

One student used virtual reality goggles as part of his display on “What planets can we live on,” while another showed the power of solar energy with a solar panel mounted on a small model of a house. 


The winners, by grade level, were: 

    – Janelle Lopez, fourth grade, “Solar Energy”

   – Danielle Taber, fifth grade, “Brown Apples”

   – Emily Garcia, sixth grade, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle the Water”

   – Diego Cardenas, sixth grade, “Rootbeer vs. Tea”

   – Sara Shermoen, seventh grade, “Reusable Luffa Soap”

   – Ian Tjan, seventh grade, “Watching Nuclear Particles”

   – Lauren Pham, eighth grade, “The Doggie Wash”

   – Gabriella Cardenas, eighth grade, “Growth in the Galaxy”