By Nanci De la Rosa-Ricco, Diocese of Orange – Department of Catholic Schools, Primary Designated SEVIS Official (PDSO)     4/25/2018

There is an even flow of liturgical seasons from Lent to Easter to the time when the flow seems to subside. We are then in Ordinary time.

Life is anything but ordinary – especially when it includes, at its core, faith. Lent allowed me to savor a quiet, profound dialogue with Our Lord.  Easter brings me into the joyful light of His resurrection.  I will then have months to continue my conversation and savor the precious gift of life that He gives me every amazing day.

When I take time to look around me and listen, I feel his presence near me. I feel calm and loved. The beauty that he surrounds me with is sometimes overwhelming. I choose to see beyond the things that cloud my view of what has been created for me. 

If you go to the beach this summer, take a moment to really look at the ocean, the sky.  Look at the children with slightly burned cheeks and sand in their hair.  There is nothing ordinary about a life that is full of an unconditional love and gifted every day with these precious moments.  Each season celebrates something beautiful.  I choose to call this next season Extraordinary time.