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Episode No. 41  Saturday, July 14, 2018 Brian Sawyers, Organ Curator of the great Hazel Wright Organ, Musician, Composer.   

Enjoy a wonderful discussion with one of the busiest organ men in the world.  Brian takes care of the Hazel Wright Organ, 5th largest organ in the world, and the Fred Swann Organ in the Arboretum.  And if Hazel and Fred were not enough, he cares for several other huge organs here in Southern California and elsewhere.  They include First Congregational, Covenant Church in Long Beach, Segerstrom Music Center and several others.  Brian has a long history with the Crystal Cathedral hearing the organs of the cathedral with Richard Unfried, Fred Swann.  Brian took his first organ lesson with Cathedral Organist, Mark Thallander.  His first tuning experiences were with Richard Unfried holding keys and his beginning tuning.  He later worked under John Wilson with the Henderson Wilson Organ Company.  Most of all, Brain talks about just what it will take to put Hazel back in Christ Cathedral.  He will no doubt be a frequent guest as we get closer to Hazel’s great re-dedication.  Brian began piano as a 6 year old, organ at 13, and his constant fascination with switches and buttons!!  He is the PERFECT person to care for Hazel.  Some of todays was even composed by Brian!!

MUSIC:  Symphony No 6, finale (movement V)    Charles Marie Widor     Peter Baicchi, organist   CD:  Music Under Glass, recorded on “Hazel”
MUSIC:  Toccata on “Amazing Grace”  Christopher Pardini, composer and performer   CD:  Chris Pardini and Friends, recorded on “Hazel”
MUSIC:  Clazz   a Jazz composition by Brian Sawyers, with Brian at the organ!
MUSIC:  Symphony No. 6, cantible (movement IV)  Charles Marie Widor   Peter Baicchi, organist   (you will hear some of the birds who lived in the Crystal Cathedral on the recording.  CD:  Music Under Glass
MUSIC: Rising Sun  Brian Sawyers, composer   Peter Baicchi, organist   CD:  Music Under Glass