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Episode 17 October 7, 2017   Stephen Salts, Singer, Conductor, and the Creator of “HOWELLS 125”

Stephen Salts is one of the busiest musicians in Southern California, singing in many choirs and ensembles, conducting choirs, and even running the Children’s Choir program at St. Wilfrid Episcopal Church. Yet this Fulbright Scholar in the Anglican Choral Tradition had time and the vision to create a year-long festival celebrating the English Composer, Herbert Howells’ 125th birthday!! Listen as Stephen talks about his background and education, his study in London, hear him sing on several recordings, learn about his involvement in “Golden Bridge” project, and especially find out all about the many performances of the great music of Herbert Howells which took place, all because of his foresight and drive to create this spectacular festival. Enjoy this exciting episode of MUSIC FROM THE TOWER showcasing this superb musician, innovator, and scholar.

MUSIC:   “My love is fair” Henry Leslie Choir of Royal Holloway. (Stephen is singing the bass solo on this recording) (Hyperion Records: 2016 English Romantic Madrigals)

MUSIC:   “Spiritus Mundi” Dale Trumbore recorded live at the 2016 Golden Bridge Concert

MUSIC:   “Coelos ascendit hodie” Charles V. Stanford   Trinity College Choir recording of this piece by a teacher of Herbert Howells (Hyperion Records: 2017 Stanford Choral Works)

MUSIC: “Behold, O God, our defender” Herbert Howells Trinity College Choir (Hyperion Records: Howells: Collegium Regale and other choral works)